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Mega 20-Pack (3kg Total)

Mega 20-Pack (3kg Total)

Our biggest pack! Perfect for stocking up the pantry or taking away for the holiday season. Features at least 2 packs of each of Petite Eats' delicious flavours.

This pack contains 3kg of nutritious goodness for a special discounted price. Buy bulk and save!


2 x Apple, Blueberry and Quinoa 150g

3 x Apple and Beetroot 150g

3 x Spiced Apple 150g

2 x Vege Mash & Seasonal Greens 150g

2 x Beef Cottage Pie 150g 

2 x Chicken and Root Vege 150g 

3 x Carrot, Pumpkin and Turmeric 150g

3 x Pumpkin and Coriander 150g

 *Please note, we have run out of Chicken & Root Vege so will replace with Beef Cottage Pie. Sorry for any inconvenience, we hope to be back in stock soon. 


* Please note our purees are not available to ship to Australia at this time