Chocolicious 超级食物混合冰沙 130 克
Chocolicious 超级食物混合冰沙 130 克
Chocolicious 超级食物混合冰沙 130 克
Chocolicious 超级食物混合冰沙 130 克

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Chocolicious 超级食物混合冰沙 130 克

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Chocolicious 超级食物混合冰沙 130 克

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2/2b Ashley Place
Papamoa Beach
Papamoa 3118


2023 年 Artesan 奖铜奖获得者!

这款巧克力冰沙富含蛋白质丰富的超级食品 + 海洋胶原蛋白。


每袋含有 20 x 6.5 克份量。

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Soooo good!

This is soooo yum!!
A healthy snack/breaky addition for not only the kiddies but parents too.
Totally recommend and would buy again !

Oh love this!!! Thank you for your lovely feedback. These have designed with the whole family in mind so we're so happy to hear that that it is enjoyed by all xx


Not only do my toddlers love this blend, but it's the perfect smoothie for my sweet tooth! Such a great way to get healthy food into kids!

Thanks so much Shan for this lovely feedback. Isn't it delicious, i have it for my morning smoothie too :) xx

Absolutely Delicious!!!!

This is so good and gets the tick from fussy toddler! I even use it for my smoothie in the morning! Will def buy again!

Thank you so much, we love it in our house too! x

Ellen Tyler
My toddler is obsessed!!!

Delicious!!! My 2year old is obsessed with this. I made him a smoothie with the chocolate mix the day it arrived and now every morning he asks for a smoothie. In the weekend his dad gets up with him and play pretends making a smoothie until I get up and make one! He also normally loves pouring his drinks all over the table or floor but we’ve been having smoothies for nearly a week now and not a drop has been spilt! These mixes are so healthy and made with such good ingredients, we will definitely be purchasing more.

Thank you so much for this beautiful review Ellen! The choc is a fave in our house too. We are so happy that it has helped pack that extra goodness in and enjoyed by your toddler xx