Hi I'm Emily. My husband, Andy, and I founded Petite Eats in 2018. We have two children, George and Willa who are the inspiration behind our brand. 

When we first started out, we developed a range of 100% natural baby purees with no hidden nasties. We were passionate about providing a superior baby food than what was currently on the shelves. 

Our journey with our purees took an unexpected detour when we starting bringing out a range of stunning feeding essentials to complement our puree range. This range grew and grew as I saw the need for practical feeding accessories that actually looked good too. 

As fate would have it, due to covid and factories closing our purees were no longer able to be produced and luckily our essentials range was keeping us plenty busy. 

Every product has been carefully selected to make sure that it is above all else practical. I wasn't a huge fan of the super bright, garish products that were only available at the time so colours have been hugely important - we like natural earthy tones. I was also looking for products that were really durable. This is why we choose silicone - it is so easy to clean, stays in perfect condition and is soft/gentle for little mouths. 

Our range is now available in over 70 retail stores and online. We are working on some super exciting new and original products that we know will help that meal time mess and look amazing.

Thank you for choosing Petite Eats, we are truly so grateful for your support. Xx