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About us


Petite Eats was born as soon as our son, George, started his solids journey. We made all his food from scratch and spent a lot of time coming up with exciting recipes for him to try. We were lucky in the fact that he was a big eater and rarely spat anything out but this also meant we were forever topping up our freezer stash. He was also very active and every day we had to be out and about. This we found particularly hard when trying to organise his meals and how we were going to store them safely and then heat them once we were out. So we began looking into some convenient options for when we were on the go.

What we found was quite horrifying. It was almost impossible to find a savoury meal on the shelf that wasn’t loaded with fruit (it was often the main ingredient!). Almost all had some kind of filler such rice flour bulking it up and tomato puree. In fact, most of the purees only accounted for about 30-40% of the ingredients. We were shocked and felt that while they were cheap and convenient, they weren’t a product that we’d want to try ourselves let alone give to our son.


Petite Eats was created so that parents could choose a convenient option without sacrificing the health benefits of homemade and was something they could actually feel good about giving their baby.