Frequently Asked Questions

Our Ingredients:

 Why is organic produce important?

Babies are so precious and delicate, that's why it is important to give them the most natural nutrition especially when the full long term effects of pesticides are not yet known. Organic foods are chock full of essential nutrients for your little one and less environmentally damaging. Some chemicals used in food production may be hard for your baby to process and eliminate. By choosing organic foods you are reducing the amount of toxins entering the body in the first place.

How do you come up with your recipes?

Our recipes are based on what I used when giving my son solids. I wanted to expose him to a variety of flavours and did not want fruit added to his savoury meals. I have worked closely with our nutritionist Charlotte, from @my_foodiefamily, to make sure we have packed as much goodness in as possible. 

Why is it important that the ingredients add to 100%?

Legally, we only have to put the percentages of each ingredient if it is in the title of the product. However, I feel that if I am giving something to my baby I want to know exactly what is in it - just as I would for myself. We want you to feel confident in what you are feeding your baby. I was pretty shocked when I looked at products on the shelf and they only accounted for roughly 35% of their ingredients meaning that they were using fillers such as rice flour and tomato puree and not informing the consumer exactly how much is used. 

Why don't you add fruit to your savoury purees?

Studies have shown that what you feed your baby in the first 1000 days has a huge influence on their eating habits and choices for the rest of their lives. It is important that babies try a range of flavours, even those bitter veges, as the more they are exposed to them the more likely they are to accept these new tastes. We are not saying fruit is bad, we just don't believe we need to add it mask or sweeten the natural and delicious flavours of vegetables. 

How much meat is there in your purees?  

We use a minimum of 20% meat in our meat-based purees. Compared with the 8-9% that some other mainstream brands offer, this ensures a proper dose of protein per serve. We believe that our meals should be as packed full of nutrients as possible and a complete meal. We also want your little one to taste those delicious meaty flavours and not be masked by anything else. 


Our Purees:

 How can you have six months shelf life on your purees?

We take great care to ensure that all our recipes are cooked in small batches. This means we can offer great taste and texture and as much nutrition as possible. Our products go through a tried and true process that ensures above all else the safety of your little one. Our purees are packed into the pouches and then go through a specialised, snap heat treatment for a short amount of time to kill all potential nasties and ensure you receive the safest possible product for your little one. As we add the puree into the pouch before this process, all the nutrients are locked inside the packaging and can't escape as they would have had they been boiled or steamed.

Do you need to heat the pouches?

You can eat our purees straight from the pouch or if you prefer you can heat the puree by simply squeezing out the quantity you need and putting in the microwave safe bowl and heating for 45-60 seconds. Always stir and check the temperature before feeding to your baby. Alternatively, you can put the whole pouch in a bowl of hot water for approximately 3 minutes until heated through. 

Once opened, how long can you keep the pouch?

Because of our generous portion size, you might choose to save some of our puree for later or for the next day day. To do this, squeeze out the portion you need into a separate bowl and either use a peg or clip to seal off the pouch or put the rest into an airtight container. Our puree will last in the fridge for another 24hrs.

Are your Purees Gluten/Dairy free?

Yes, all our purees are gluten and dairy free.

Do you have any vegetarian purees?

Absolutely, at this stage only two out of our eight purees contain meat 

Do your purees contain any added salt, sugar or preservatives?

We will never add sugar, salt or preservatives. Petite Eats is 100% natural! 

Why do you have a clear pouch?

We want Petite Eats to be as transparent as possible in all aspects. You should know exactly what's in the pouch and what it looks like. Studies have also shown how important it is for your little one to see what they are eating, just as we like to. Meals should be engaging all, if not, most of the senses. 

Can you take your pouches anywhere?

The beauty of Petite Eats is that they can be stored in your pantry, handbag or even car. There's no need to refrigerate giving you the freedom to be spontaneous. Our purees can be eaten straight from the pouch or heated up if you prefer. We even include a handy spoon for your convenience.

Why are your purees are thick in consistency?

Some of our purees might be thicker in consistency because don't add water to our recipes and we use a lot of vegetables. When heated our purees will naturally loosen or you can add water to achieve the consistency you prefer. 

Can you take Petite Eats on a plane?

Yes! The beauty of Petite Eats is that you can take these pouches anywhere anytime and there's no need to chill or defrost them. 


Introducing solids

Will my baby like Petite Eats?

When introducing new foods, don't despair if your little one doesn't gobble it up straight away. Research shows that it can take up to 15 attempts for a new food to be accepted. The key is to introduce foods as they are, which means not to mask them with sweet flavours. Our nutritionist recommends veges first when introducing solids. Stay positive when giving your baby solids and offer plenty of encouragement even if they are spitting them out.  

At what age can babies start solids?

Here at Petite Eats we recommend starting your baby on solids around the age of 6 months. Each child is different and they will give indications for when they are ready. Things to look out for:

  • They can sit up unaided and hold their heads independently
  • Showing in interest in what you are eating
  • They can swallow, young babies have a tongue thrust reflex which means they will instinctively push things out of their mouth. Once this reflex has fades they should be able to swallow food

What ages are your products recommended for?

Our products range from 6months to 8months + depending on the texture. See each pack for the recommendation. Our products can also be used in recipes for finger food for older children and be added to sauces for toddler meals for that extra vege hit. My 18-month-old is still a fan of purees and we are happy knowing he is getting all that good stuff into him. 

Can you use your purees as a base for finger food? 

YES! Save yourself some time and use our purees for a base in a variety of delicious finger foods. Our lovely nutritionist will share tried and tested recipes that you can make at home. Feel free to experiment on your own and we would love you to share your ideas with us, just tag us in.


Delivery and Shipping

Where do you deliver?

NZ: We can deliver nationwide (excluding PO boxes). Get your orders in before 1pm and...

North Island customers should receive their parcels the next day. If you are in the South island, please allow for 2 days to receive your order. Orders placed on a Friday will most likely be delivered the following Monday.

Rural customers: PLEASE SLECT THE RURAL SHIPPING OPTION and allow 2-3 days for delivery. 

Australia: We can ship our Feeding Essentials and PLAY range only. 

Please allow 8-10 days for your parcel to arrive. 

Shipping is charged between NZ$15-20 depending on the size of the order. Please allow -10 working days once you have received confirmation your order has been sent.


We can ship worldwide at a flat rate of $35 for parcels under 2kg. We will notify you if your order goes over this quota- however this is not very likely.

Please note

Our International shipping is sent untracked - this allows us to keep the cost down. Petite Eats is not liable should the items go missing in the post.

For any purchases outside of New Zealand you may be required to pay customs charges and/or duty tax on your orders. Petite Eats is not responsible for and will not reimburse any of these charges and duties. Customs charges and duties are the responsibility of the customer and will not be refunded. We do not offer refunds if you refuse the package if any of these charges are applied.

Do you ship purees internationally? 

Unfortunately not at this time but we will keep you posted. 

Is there a minimum order?

No, there is no minimum to buy.

Do you deliver to rural addresses?

We do for NZ customers, just select the rural shipping option when you are checking out. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to PO boxes. 

Can we pick up from you in Papamoa?

Yes of course. Just select the pick-up option when arranging shipping and email em@petiteeats to request a pick up time. 

Do you offer FREE shipping?

Yes, we do when you spend a certain amount...

NZ: FREE SHIPPING for orders over $80

AUZ: FREE SHIPPING for orders over $150

WORLDWIDE: FREE SHIPPING for orders over $200

Do you offer Layby?

We sure do!

Feeding Essenitals: 

Where are your Feeding Essentials made?

These are mostly made in China. We have been lucky enough to develop great relationships with out incredible suppliers. We hope to visit the production factories in the very near future. 

What are your feeding essentials made from:

Most, if not all of our products are made using silicone. We have chosen this because of the natural anti-bacterial and mould resistant qualities. Silicone is super practical, as it can be safety heated in the microwave, oven, kept in the freezer and best of all put in the dishwasher. Silicone is super durable meaning our products are going to last a long time. 

What products do you recommend for just starting solids? 

  1. A Premium Silicone bib is a must-easy to clean and catches all the mess.
  2. A Silicone bowl and spoon set 
  3. Travel spoon set. These spoon are the perfect size for little mouths when they are just starting solids
  4. Sleeved bibs are also particularly handy for a more full protection (esp. for finger foods)

My silicone has started to stain, what do I do?

Sometimes after giving carrot, pumpkin or even Spag Bol, the silicone can start to yellow. In this case simply leave in direct sunlight for a few hours and this will clear up. 

How do I get the best suction out of my bowl?

Check out my demo on our Instagram highlight reel.