What Makes Petite Eats Different?

What Makes Petite Eats Different?

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What Makes Petite Eats Different?

Petite Eats baby food was developed over a long period of time in response to a gaping hole in the convenient baby food market. We felt very strongly that parents needed a high quality, convenient product that was as close to homemade as possible. Petite Eats purees gives parents the assurance that they know exactly what they are feeding their precious little ones, so they can have the convenience without the guilt. 



  • No need to be chilled or frozen, you can take pouches anywhere
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • We account for every ingredient used so you know exactly what's inside
  • Flavour variety (8 to choose from)
  • Generous serving size so you get more value for your money
  • Ship nationwide (even rural)
  • No fruit added to savoury dishes
  • Organic produce and free range meat
  • A handy biodegradable spoon included with every pouch
  • Petite Eats is New Zealand made in small batches so the quality can be easily monitored and controlled

We want to help make busy parents lives easier so they can spend more of their precious time enjoying their little ones.

Created by parents for parents xx


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